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SHOOTY TROOPS™ - The Endless Arcade Shooter. Pick a character and battle wave after wave of baddies on procedurally created levels. Fight tooth-and-nail through the levels with a simple pistol while keeping an eye for random weapon upgrades. Unlock characters with your earned coins, each unique and some with special weapons and or abilities. Challenge your friends on the Game Center and Google Play Leaderboards, earn Achievements, share your high score and more! Challenging yet simplistically addicting! Your fingers will be sure to thank you.


Fast paced, intense, difficult, and mind capturing. These are all things I look for in a game.

~ Closed Beta Tester

Great game that is low maintenance. It won't send you notifications all day and try to get you coming back. Perfect game for when you need a few minutes of down time.

~ Closed Beta Tester

This game is the future on mobile.

~ Andri Meister

Action-packed, infinite wave warfare at its finest.

~ Rack 'Em Up

Because everything is pixelated now!

~ Karb0nk0py

Shooty Troops



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Coming July 2017
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Your fingers will thank you

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